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Apa itu Warrant

apa itu warrant? apa itu warrant? Warrant adalah right (hak) untuk membeli saham. Pembeli/pemegang warrant diberi hak utk membeli saham pada harga yang ditentukan (exercise price) pada atau sebelum tarikh luput (expiry date). warrant ada dua jenis. satu: ordinary warrant (yang dikeluarkan oleh syarikat yang disenaraikan - mother share) yg selalunya bermula dengan xxxx-WA, xxxx-WB, xxxx-WC etc yang boleh diconvert kepada mother share dgn ratio yang diberikan. contohnya, kalau beli warrant BIMB-WA, ia boleh ditukar kepada mother share BIMB.   satu lagi warrant dikeluarkan oleh pihak bank/securities ialah structured warrant. naming convention utk structured warrant ialah xxxx-CA, xxxx-CB, xxxx-CC etc (call warrant) dan xxx-HA, xxxx-HB (put warrant). Penerangan tentang nya screenshot di bawah.   Warrant adalah syariah compliant bergantung kpd mother share compliant. kalau mother share SC, maka ordinary warrant akan syariah compliant. … [Read More...]


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Politics versus Investment

Salam, this has always been a dilemma especially in malaysia. Most of bluechip counters are GLC - Government Link Companies (Petronas, Maybank etc). Whomever controls the government will control GLC. Still we dont see much comments of these GLCs CEOs on politics though small grumpy thought from Nazir Razak (Najib's brother) on political situation recently.   No matter what is your political belief or who do u support in election, being an investor or the management of companies; … [Read More...]

Business Sector on Economic Cyler

Stock Market Cycle on Economic Cycle

Where are we now? particularly for bursa stock market. For fundamental investor, we can't simply randomly buy anything.   … [Read More...]

Why Precision can Fail You in Investing

Why Precision can Fail You in Investing By Hui Leong Chin - August 25, 2014 | Over the weekend, I came across an interesting story from the 1980s that was recounted by investor Bill Gurley. Back then, American cable and telecommunications operator AT&Twas a dominant monopoly so strong that the US Justice Department had to force the corporation to break up into smaller pieces. Despite its monopoly, the company made its fair share of kerfuffles along the way. The following … [Read More...]

Bengkel Saham Poster

Workshop For Introduction to Fundamental Investing

[Read More...]

Famous Past Scandals In Bursa Malaysia

There's a saying: "Learn from the past to avoid future mistakes" So, do learn what the past has taught. All these history will repeat. There will be always an asshole who will manipulate the system. We have seen world biggest scandal like Enron Corp or World.Com. Similarly in Bursa Malaysia, we have similar kind of stories. Just be careful in what you want to invest. BY TEE LIN SAY IN what seems like a recent flurry of cases involving corporate misdeeds, the fact remains that the Malaysia … [Read More...]


Fundamental Analysis Workshop 23 August 2014

For those who want to learn: How calculate intrinsic value Financial Reporting Analysis Generate income consistently from dividend The Warren Buffett Way of investing The workshop will be handled in Malay (and english)         Location:     … [Read More...]

Magic Formula Investing Performance

Magic Formula Investing

May be some of you already read about this.   Gotham Capital. they manage to achieve average return around 30% yearly. The founder, Joel Greenblatt, has shared the secret of this fund manager. He is a professor on the adjunct faculty of Columbia business school. He did share his investment wisdom on how to achieve this so-called "Magic Investing". However, his techniques so far has been tested for US Stock Exchange. Whether this formula has been tested or back tested in … [Read More...]


Revalued Net Asset Valuation (RNAV) & Sum-of-Parts Valuation (SOP)

  These are 2 common valuation that are rarely used by Retail investors. Reason being because lack of resource and it requires proficiency in understanding and estimating business earning by division/business segment. Example below are the valuation for CMSB (Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad). Remember this is NOT a BUY NOR SELL recommendation. I will not be held responsible for any action taken by you. Revalued Net Asset Valuation It is based on so called experts' judgement that the … [Read More...]


Another round of workshop – Intrinsic Value 01/02/2014

  Intrinsic Value or "Pengiraan Nilai" is one of technique used by Value investor. Particularly Warren Buffett. Anyone is welcome to join the workshop.  This is a half day course, which conducted in Bahasa. … [Read More...]

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